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Education and Training for Patients and Caretakers

Patients and caretakers feel overwhelmed and often lack the proper education and support to care for their loved ones. All too often they are sent home with complicated respiratory equipment and left to figure out how to operate and maintain the apparatus.  


At SMI,  we educate patients and caretakers on how to properly use the following:

  • Home ventilators

  • CPAP/BiPap machines and accessories

  • Cough-assist devices

  • Suction machines

  • Compressors

  • Humidifiers 

  • O2 concentrators and equipment

  • Nebulizers

  • Inhalers/spacers

and many more

Equally as important, we teach patients:

  • Disease process education

  • how to make significant lifestyle changes that can lead to improved respiratory health These include dietary changes and environmental changes that can reduce contaminants in the home.


Patients and caretakers have a huge responsibility to bear. Our goal is to help lighten their load.


Note: (CT, MA and VT patients only)


Flat Fee Per-Patient Visit

  • Choice of Billing

    • Bill the Physician Office/DME office​​​

    • Bill Patient Directly (Private Pay only)

      • all major credit cards accepted

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For more information or to request our services, simply contact us here!

Services Include:

  • Product Education on Use (to improve compliance)

  • Ensure proper set-up and functionality

  • Evaluation of therapeutic understanding

  • Education on lifestyle changes

  • Reporting back to Physician/DME on all patient interaction

Disclaimer: SMI is not an equipment provider to homecare patients; only training and education on appropriate set up and use.