Parents and caretakers feel overwhelmed and often lack the proper education and support to care for their loved ones. We partner with healthcare advocates, direct care providers, and community based organizations to provide therapy education and support


Because we understand how challenging it can be to entrust parents, grandparents, and others to someone else’s care, we approach the trust you place in us with humility and determination to do the best for you and your loved ones.


Every once in a while, a new product or device comes along that is a unique game-changer in the clinical arena. SMI only takes on product lines we believe to prove itself in safety, efficacy and more important, optimal patient outcomes.


Since SMI is founded and managed by Respiratory Therapists, the devices and products we put our reputation behind are considered the "gold standard"

Superior products, unmatched results

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Selective Medical Innovations is a team of expert respiratory therapists who share a passion for excellence in patient care, product support and clinical education.

We are driven by the desire to provide the best clinical care with the highest level of service.  In the crowded world of medical equipment providers, SMI stands out because we don't believe in just "drop and run" with our products. We emphasize both clinician and patient education to maximize compliance and optimal patient outcomes. 

SMI supports three key components, patients in need of individual services, corporations in need of clinical expertise and community education.